Sculptors, painters and photographers have immortalized the human form for years. In reality, people don’t spend their time standing in front of paper backgrounds; so I try to use surroundings that are familiar in the privacy of your home, back yard or other comfortable locations. I will help you create artistic or daring images…with or without a fig leaf.

Make an anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day exciting by using my services. Wear a bow tie (and a smile), a lacy negligee or strategically placed balloons.  I’ve had numerous clients -both singles and couples- pleased with their final results. Contact me.

(NOTE: The individuals featured in this section have given me written permission to post/share their images and are of legal age. Due to 18+ protocol, I am not able to post images of females here; but the male photos have been creatively cropped to appear on my web page as I respect the confidentiality of my clients).